After School Programs

Craig's Kempo Karate offers after school programs in Watertown and Belmont at the following schools:
Hosmer, Jewish Community Day School, Burbank, Cunnif, Winn Brook, and the Lowell.

For your convenience we bring our knowledge and teaching experience to your child's school.No need to worry about getting your child from their school to ours, we come to you!

FUN for the kids
Learning karate is not all about punch, kick, repeat. Children learn and stay focused when the program is fun and entertaining. That is why we incorporate karate games into the teaching process. Kids are so busy having fun playing games that they are sometimes surprised to find out how much karate they have learned.

Discipline and Respect
Children, ages 5 and up, are taught the basics of karate using techniques that will aid them in the development of learning skills. Focus, concentration, discipline, respect, and courtesy are stressed in our programs. These are skills that they can bring with them throughout the rest of their life.

Self Defense and Stranger Danger
Children are taught the basics of self defense and how to keep themselves safe from bullies and strangers.

Bullies and strangers offer 2 very different problem scenarios and we give your child the knowledge and skills to handle both. Your child will gain self confidence by knowing what to do if they ever encounter a bully or a stranger.