Craig inducted into World Martial Arts Federation Hall of Fame

Sensei Craig S. Craig, the founder and chief instructor of Craig’s Kempo Karate Academy of Watertown, was inducted into the World Martial Arts Federation Hall of Fame on March 8.

As Kempo Instructor of the Year for 2007, Craig joins an elite list of martial artists from around the world, all of whom have been recognized by the World Martial Arts Federation for their dedication to the martial arts. Craig has been studying and teaching the art of Kempo for more than 20 years, and is extremely honored to have been recognized by the federation for his contributions to his art.

He credits hard work, indomitable spirit and holding himself to the same high standard he sets for his students, with helping him to achieve this happy occasion. Craig, whose school celebrates its fifth anniversary this year, would like to share this honor with his family, students and dojo community.

Craig’s Kempo Karate Academy is at 80 School St. The school has martial arts training programs tailored for children and adults, including traditional Kempo training, mixed martial arts, specialized self-defense courses and Stranger Danger programs. For more information, call 617-924-9888.