February 2012

 February is here and I waited to publish the news letter till after the Super Bowl. The Pats faced the New York Giants in Super Bowl 46. the game was a battle and our Pats came out on the losing side. The Giants played hard and showed the indomitable spirit and deserved the win. I cant wait for next year. On to the Dojo News:

We held a seminar on fighting techniques taught by Grandmaster Steve Nugent. Both hours of the seminar were packed, we had over 40 students attend. Grandmaster Steve had a lot of nice things to say about our dojo and students. I had a great time and judging by how into it the students were, I  think they had a great time also.
We held a test over the weekend and I’m proud to say that all the students passed. I want to congratulate Daniel W. on being the star of the test. Daniel worked hard and showed his love of Kempo thru his actions and hard work during the exam. He set the standard for the others to follow. 
We have a few events coming up this month and I want to start with the Dojo sleepover that will kick off February Vacation. On Saturday the 18th we will be holding a sleepover at the dojo this night will be a blast with fun  games, pizza, and Movies. All students wanting to attend should see Anita to sign up.
We will also be holding a Kempo Karate Camp during vacation. This day program is a great way to learn new material and get the old stuff down. We are also  planning on playing karate themed games and having  fun all week. You can attend all five days or as many as you want. See Anita soon to reserve your space.
We have had some new students and families joining the Dojo. I just want to remind everyone (parents and family too) that there is no food or drinks allowed in the Dojo or front room. We only allow water to be consumed in those area’s of the academy. Thank you for your understanding. Also I want to remind all students that you can only join in a class in the first 10mins after it has started. If you are more than 10 minutes tardy you will have to watch class. 
This month we will continue to work on kicking and hand speed drills. I will be posting on our Dojo’s facebook page what we will be covering in classes. So log on and check it out.
As we move forward into this new year keep an eye out for the upgrades we will be making to the dojo. This is going to be a great year!!!
Strength and Honor