January 2012

The New Year is upon us and I’m feeling great. Anita and I are very excited about the upcoming year and the plans we have for the Dojo. The patriots finished the regular season as the top seed in the AFC and I believe we are Super Bowl bound. (I had to sneak that in there.) now on to the news.

I didn’t write the newsletter last month and I want to apologize for that. With the holiday seasons and everything we had going on it just slipped to the way side. One of my resolutions is to work harder on ensuring that we get out all the import information about events and dojo happenings in a timely fashion. To help with this I want to encourage all students ,family, and friends to the Dojo's Facebook page. We give out a lot of information about the dojo there. We also have the Dojo’s webpage that you can check for upcoming events. We will be making a announcement board in the dojo that will also have all the current information on it. 

We are having a sale on the kick bags in the front room. The kick bags are a great way to practice at home. There is nothing like working a bag to make you feel good.

We are now taking orders for the new red sweat shirts. I love the new color and they are very comfy. The best thing about them is you can wear them in class. Please see Anita if you would like to order one.

I need to remind all students that we are a founding member of the International Kenpo Council of Grandmasters (IKCG). With this all students are required to be members of the IKCG by the end of the month.  

We are Honored to have Grand Master Steve Nugent teaching a fighting technique seminar at the dojo this month.  This seminar is open top all students of the dojo. The cost is $50  for all non-IKCG members and $25 for members.

In this seminar Grandmaster Nugget will cover sparring and fighting techniques that can be applied in both the ring and street. This is the first of the year and if all goes well not the last.

Register soon to make sure you get your spot.


Training Notes

This month we will be focusing on fighting skills in class along with core material.  Students should make sure that they have their sparring gear and GI tops with them at every class.

The first 2 weeks of January every class will be focused on kicking drills and new kick combinations. Students should do extra stretching on their practice days to help limber up and aid in the kick training. The last two weeks of January we will be focusing on hand speed and blocking. Students should be practicing their Blocking systems to be prepared.

 Lets have a fantastic 2012!


Strength and Honor


Sensei Craig