January 2013

This is the first newsletter of 2013 and I want to take this moment to wish everyone a Happy New Year.
I am really excited for this upcoming year. The Dojo will be 10 years old this march and Anita and I are very excited about this milestone. We are planning a big party and as we get closer we will give out more details.
This year the dojo’s tournament team will be competing in the KRANE tournament series. Through out New England as well as local tournaments. If any student is interested in joining the team please see me.
This month we will be conducting tests for all classes. The test date is Saturday the 12th for all classes except the Teens and Adults which will test on Thursday the 17th. In order to be on the test 
students will need to have all their stripes for their belt rank, have meet the attendance requirement , and have an Instructor recommendation letter signed ( this is new starting this Year).
We have the first Dojo sleep over  this month on the 19th. This is a fun filled night of pizza, games, watching movies , and of  course staying up late. If you want to attend please see Mrs. Sensei to get on the list.
We currently have a few openings in the Black belt program. The BBP is a great way to get that one to one time with the Sensei’s,  this help you develop into a top notch Black Belt. The program consist of 2 private 
lessons a month plus class. Students in this program also learn weapons and other skills not normally not taught in regular class. The one to one time also gives the student a deeper insight to Kempo Karate. If you are interested in the BBP talk to Anita or myself. 
I need to remind all students, friends and family of the dojo that we don't have a maid service at the dojo. Any mess that is made has to be cleaned up by Me or the staff.  With this in mind I ask that you treat the dojo with respect and pick up any mess that you make. 
Please remember that we do not allow any food or drinks in the dojo or front room at all. Only water is allowed in both rooms.
We are planning on holding a Karate camp during February Vacation. This camp has a history of filling up fast. So don't delay on signing up before it fills up.
Don’t forget to check out our face book page for up to date information about the dojo and to be kept in the loop.
I leave you with this one thought.
Dreamers Dream,    
 Doers Do!
Which one are You?
Strength and Honor