June is here and it is starting to feel more like April with all the rain and cool weather. Lets hope that the weather gets back to summer type soon.
June is a super busy time of the year for us here at the Dojo. So before I go into the news for June I want to make a few 
comments about May.  The dojo’s tournament team competed in the World Martial Arts Federations spring tournament and did an awesome job. They brought home a ton of trophies (that are currently on display in the front window) and carried on the winning traditions of past teams. The biggest surprise of the tournament was new comer Angelique J. who brought home a 1st place and 2nd place trophy. 
June is Black Belt testing month and we have three students testing for their Shodan ranking. I want to wish Vanna P., Daniel A. and Noam H. the best of luck.
We are also holding a tests for the lower ranks this month and I want to wish them best of luck also.
The belt ceremony for all the testers will be held on Sunday the 10th at the Hosmer schools big gym at 2:00pm. Everyone is invited to come and watch are newest Black belts and lower ranks receive there new belts.
We have the IKCG tournament and banquet dinner on Saturday the 15th. The tournament team will be competing and there will be a host of seminars and family entertainment. If you want to attend see Anita or me for the details.
Due to high demand we will be holding a Karate camp this month during the week of the 25th. This camp is filling up fast so See Anita ASAP to be part of it.
We will be closed Saturday the 16th for all classes and private lessons. All the instructors will be at the IKCG tournament.
We are doing much better now with being on time for classes. I just want to remind all students that if you are more than 10 minutes late u will not be allowed to join class. You can watch from the benches in the Dojo.
We are in summer uniform now!! No long sleeve shirts allowed to be worn during class.
When coming to class if there is a private lesson in progress please wait in the front room for it to end before coming into the dojo.
Lets have a great summer together training and enjoying the weather.