Craigs Kempo Karate Academy Monthly Newsletter


This is the 84th edition and 6th  issue this year of the Dojo’s newsletter.

May brought the warm weather and the sun shine. June brings in the end of the school year and the summer. I cant say it enough times, I love this time of year.

The dojo competed in the annual spring World Martial Arts Federation tournament. The team did a great job and brought home a ton of trophies that are now in the window of the front room.  Thank you team for all your hard work and dedication!


 This is the 83rd edition and 5th issue this year of the Dojo’s newsletter.


This is the 82nd edition and 4th  issue this year of the Dojo’s newsletter.

Ok March was the wettest month I can remember. We got soaked and the downstairs dojo got flooded out. I am hoping that April will be a much dryer month. On to the news;

We held our 7 year Anniversary dinner in March with around 100 people attending. The food was great and the kids loved the games. I want to thank everyone who helped with the setting up and break down. You guys made the dinner a success!


This is the 81st edition and 3rd issue this year of the Dojo’s newsletter.

Like the saying goes: “March comes in as a Lion and leaves like a Lamb”, I hope that is true this year!

The Hand pad seminar was a hit. We had 16 students and family here learning how to hit the Pads. From the looks of it everyone had a great time.

The Magic Ticket Raffle winner was Katrina from the intermediate 2 class. She chose  not to have to do any push ups during her next test.

Long sleeve shirts are now on sale. 2 for $25 while supplies last.


This is the 80th edition and 2nd issue this year of the Dojo’s newsletter.

February is here and so is the cold. I am so looking forward to spring. I hope that everyone finds their Valentine this month. Now onto the news.

The help for Haiti bake sale, silent auction, and raffles raised over $2400 dollars. We are waiting for the money from the silent auction to come in  before we can give the
final amount.

The winning number for the magic ticket raffle is 532123. Check your
tickets and come get your prize.


This is the 79th edition and 1st issue this year of the Dojo’s newsletter.


This is the 78th edition and 12th  issue this year of the Dojo’s newsletter.

December is here and the Holiday season has started. My Family and I wish everyone  very happy holidays. Now on to the News.

During this time of year the dojo collects toys for the toys for tots program. Last year we filled 5 big boxes of toys, this year I would like to fill 6. I am asking everyone who is connected to with the dojo  to please donate a new unwrapped gift. This is a great cause and we should support it.

Look for us on Facebook!


This is the 77th edition and 11th issue this year of the Dojo’s newsletter.
Well gang we finally reset the clocks and I don’t know about all of you. But I’m still trying to get use to this extra hour and this warm weather.


This is the 76th edition and 10th issue this year of the Dojo’s newsletter.


This is the 75th edition and 9th  issue this year of the Dojo’s newsletter.

Well September is here and the summer is over, bye summer, we will miss you. But the Patriots start their season this Monday on MNF on espn. I can’t wait for this game and for #12 to return. One good thing for the Adult class is that they only play twice on Monday night. Well on to the news.

August was a great month for us. I had a vacation with lots of relaxation. We also ran 2 karate camps. The kids had a blast and so did the staff, thanks for the help Miss Salvas.

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