Winter is here and so is the snow.  I mean really, Snow the day before Halloween, are you kidding me. I hope this is not a sign of things to come. Now onto the news:

Lets talk about October and the things we got accomplished. We Held our Annual Kick-A-Thon this month , this year for the Alzheimer’s Association and I have to say it rocked, I do believe that this was the best one we have ever had!
There are a lot of people I want to thank for making this one go off with out a hitch. John O, Lars F, And Mike C, thank you for holding the pads and counting. Nancy F, Irene P, Mark G, Maureen G,  Stacey M, for helping man the stations and assisting Anita with all the little things. I want to thank all of the teens who helped with the kids and counting. Special Thanks to Tina T, for the excellent job of keeping track of all the kickers and to Miss Salvas for assistance with the 10 minute Raffle and to Mr. salvas for cooking fabulous things till 2am for the bake sale . Also to Sensei Jerimie for helping things run smooth but most of all to the students and families who came out on a Sunday and threw all those kicks.
The final Numbers are not ready as of today so I cant give any information on who won which contest. With the exception of most Raffle tickets sold. Leah G. won by selling 85 tickets and is now the Sensei For the week. Great job Leah!
As soon as I get all the pledge money in I will let you know what the final totals are.
We also held the annual dojo Halloween party on the 29th. I had a great time and the students had on some great costumes. Everyone played games and enjoyed the atmosphere and like always this party was all about the candy. I cant wait until next year.
We have posted pic’s of both event s on our Dojo's facebook page. The page is a great way for you to get information on up coming events and news for the dojo. With the winter coming please check our page for class cancellations due to weather. 
We are holding a camp day the day after Thanksgiving for anyone who wants a day of karate games.We will be closed the 24, 25, and 26 for all regularly scheduled classes. 
The Black Dragon Tournament team will be competing in the World Martial Arts Federations tournament on Sunday the 20th, come on down and watch our dojo compete.
There are no classes Thursday the 10th, we are testing that night. We are also holding a Black Belt test on Sunday the 13th in the morning  and will have the belt ceremony in the afternoon at the Hosmer Gym . All are welcome to attend.
We are now in long sleeve shirts or Gi tops. The only short sleeve shirts allowed will be the new Kick-A-Thon shirts. 
Strength and Honor
Sensei Craig