he fall is here and the leaves are starting to change. Its time for long sleeves and sweaters while watching the Patriots play.  Now on to the news.

 October is going to be very busy for us at the dojo. We will be holding our annual Kick-A-Thon on Sunday the 23rd at the Hosmer School gym in Watertown.

 This year we will be kicking and raising money for the Alzheimer's  Association. One of  the students asked if we could support this organization “because they help people with Alzheimer’s, like my grandmother”. We have added more ways for people to help. This year we will be holding a bake sale, silent auction, board breaking, face painting, and a 10 minute lottery to the event. I am also planning on adding a couple of free self defense seminars to the event.  We want to make the Kick-A-Thon more spectator interactive and give it more of a fair feel. If you have any suggestions on activities you think would be enjoyable please let us know. We also are looking for

Donations for the silent auction and bake sale. See Mrs. Sensei if you have one.

 Class and individual contest prizes for most money raised, most kicks thrown, and most raffle tickets sold,  will be posted in the dojo.

 Lets get out there and raise some money for the Alzheimer’s association.

 It is the month of October and that means we will be holding the 8th annual Halloween Costume party! This is  nothing but a great time with all the games and best costume contest.  Remember its all about the candy at this party.

 We are also holding our monthly parents night out. This month we have a dojo Pizza movie night. This is all out fun. Lots of dodge ball and games. Capped off with pizza and a movie. The night starts at 6:30pm and goes to 10pm. Family and friends are welcome to come. See Anita to sign up.

 We are now accepting students into the black belt program. These spots are hard to get due to there popularity. The Black Belt program is a great way to improve your Kempo and learn weapons not taught in class. See me or Mrs. Sensei for the details.

October is all about the sparring and how to use your Kata in the ring. All students need to check there gear to ensure sure it fits properly  and is in good condition.

 We are now going to long Sleeve shirts only. Last years kick-a-thon short sleeves can not be substituted for a long sleeve shirt anymore.

Don't forget to turn in your IKCG applications to Mrs. Sensei.