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Lil' Dragons

Our Lil’ Dragon Classes are a great way for children ages 5 - 7

Lil' Dragons

Our Lil’ Dragon Classes are a great way for children ages 5 - 7 to get introduced to the martial arts. Focus, concentration, listening, respect, and courtesy are stressed in order to develop a child's basic learning skills. The exercise and physical fundamentals are challenging and a great way for kids to gain flexibility, balance, and strength. We understand the importance of fun and variety as a way to maintain high interest and participation.


The Tigers class is for children 8-11 years old. Our goal is to build our kids from the "inside out". This means that our first goal is to build confidence, self-discipline, and self-esteem. Once our students are armed with these characteristics they will participate and apply full effort with the "Yes, I Can" attitude.

We also understand your desire to have a child that will use common sense before using his or her skills for self-defense. Our students maintain a healthy lifestyle and a healthy outlook on life. Training in the martial arts builds strong bodies and strong values. We are proud to help parents develop children who value honesty, courtesy, respect for authority, and the ability to say "no" to unhealthy peer pressure.


Our program will get you in shape and develop strong self-defense skills. Because our program is goal oriented you will find yourself looking forward to every class. Our professional instructors will keep you on track, provide the necessary motivation, and empower you with skills that will last a lifetime.


Adults can find great benefits from kempo karate training. The physical conditioning alone counteracts physical deterioration, increases flexibility, relieves stress, and improves reflexes and coordination. Confidence is built through knowing that you can defend yourself and your family if you have too. The mental benefits include better concentration at work, self-esteem, and a positive attitude.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are available to students who prefer individual training, and students who are looking to improve their martial arts skills.


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